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We take this opportunity to brief you, about the progress that our CHAMBER OF COMMERCE EDUCATIONAL & CHARTIABLE SOCIETRY in THANJAVUR has made within a span of 33 years. Thanks to the benign blessings of the Almighty, the tireless efforts put by the President Dr.T.Vellasamy Nadar and members of the society and the voluntary assistance rendered by the public in this region.
A few service minded business men of Thanjavur, who assembled on a September evening in 1982, discussed that they should do something very useful to the society, in the long run our National Poet Bharathi words such their minds which quotes.

"Formation of gardens bearing rare and sweets fruits construction of water

Resources with sweet and abundant water,

Erecting Charitable aims in thousands buildings temples in tens of

Thousands of all these, to teach Alphabets to a poor little boy,

In several times more charitable".

The assembled members resolved to teach Alphabets in Technical subjects and decided to start a Polytechnic,Arts, Science and Teacher Education subjects in the private sector under the Management of " Chamber of Commerce Educational & Charitable Society". Of Thanjavur registered ,under the Tamilnadu societies registration act 27 of 1975. Its Registraion No:43 of 1983 on dated 22-08-1983.

The society had conducted as mass wedding program for 40 poor couples meeting all the expenses such as free silk dhoti-silk saree-Gold Thiru Mangala sutra which are elemental for a Hindu Marriages and a set of domestic stainless steel vessels for each couple and their relatives. It had raisen to the occasion a good number of times when food materials were supplied to the flood victims and fresh shelters and vessels were provided for fire victims.

About the Founder

The College of Education was established in the year 2008 in the name of the well known social worker Vanigabushanam Dr.T.Vellasamy Nadar president chamber of Commerce Educational and Charitable society who is "MAN OF GEM" about various positions being held for rendering yeoman service to education , chamber of commerce Omnipotent cultural and social services.

Dr.T.Vellasamy Nadar, chairman of the college took historic decision to conduct women student in rural area to take up college of education encouraged by the success of initiative Dr.Vellasamy Nadar college of Education started UG degree course in Education (B.Ed) to prepare the quality and dedicated Teachers for Eradication of illiteracy.